The Rose Grove

We are a family-owned, small boutique celebrating the unique. The Rose Grove just recently reached our 10 year mark. Brenda Lutz, our entrepreneur, decided to turn her floral school classmate as well as dear friend's house into a store after losing her to a stroke. Though at its physical location we offer home decor, jewelry, bath and candle collections, and other hand-selected pieces -- we've decided to launch our clothing collection online. The Rose Grove is a treat for the soul, the senses, and the spirit. We invite you to just take time for yourself and ponder our new luxuriating clothing lines.

Free Shipping

In honor of our new online clothing launch and courtesy to our online customers, The Rose Grove is now offering free shipping on all orders.


Bedstu is an incredible company that offers leather products that are truly unique. Their mission is to honor the craft of the shoe, boot, and handbag using the highest quality and organically tanned material. Staying true to this mission, Bedstu's leather excludes formaldehydes and other known dangerous chemicals. They use chrome free leather that is hand cut, sewn, washed, and tumbled for softness, then individually finished. Just like no two fingerprints are the same, each Bedstu product is distinct. The true beauty of our products is found in their natural imperfections.


Our jewelry collection is hand-selected to fit all styles. We hope you enjoy how unique each piece truly is.


Artistic designs truly make these leggings one-of-a-kind. Each pair withholds a classy, yet a unique character. Folding at the waistline, these leggings will hug your curves to flatter your body-type and add a flare to your wardrobe. Each pair of leggings is meant to be a one-size-fits-all. We hope that you enjoy all that they have to offer.

Johnny Was

Johnny Was is a timeless collection including pieces that are hand-embroidered with a feminine flare. Flowing and flattering, Johnny Was features delicate trim details at the neckline and sleeves. These pieces are truly unique with a subtle Bohemian elegance. Once you invest once, I promise you'll want another Johnny Was. Every piece is a true work of art. 

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